First Aid Training
The training was crucial as it was very informative and practical. The participants were educated on various approaches to unexpected situation where first aid plays a major role. The training gave them adequate knowledge of first and the courage to give first aid when and where necessary.






Ladani Christmas Get-together 2017

The variety entertainment took place on 17th December at Ladani Apeksha with the colourful performances of Ladani children.

Christmas brings a lot of joy to children.

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They forget themselves – frustrations and disappointments disappear

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There is joy in being together

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Christmas with the children at Ladani


Ladani Sale 2017

The main purpose of “Ladani Sale 2017” is to encourage and uplift the self-employment projects of Ladani children and Ladani Dharma School.

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Receiving First Holy Communion

It was a day of great joy to Ladani family since some of our ladani children received the First Holy Communion on the 9th of September 2017. May the Good Lord be with them throughout their life journey.

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Ladani Staff Seminar 2017

The motivational programme took place from 27th evening to 29th morning at Ladani Apeksha Hall under the theme of “One Journey, One Purpose”.

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Our Champions

The Sports Meet for differently able children was organized consisting of 16 divisional secretariats of the Puttalam District on 25th of August 2017. The children of Ladani Dharma School competed in the Sports Meet representing Nattandiya Divisional Secretariat and won the championship.

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