Reverend Father Neville Merinus Coonghe

A missionary priest , who works for the Diocese of Chilaw in Sri Lanka is the Founder Director of LADANI.
Born in September 18th 1948 he was ordained a priest in July 31 1976

“LADANI” Institute which is now widely known in Sri Lanka and  some countries abroad is mainly meant for the destitute children in the island. This Institute which was started on the 27th October 1985 in the village hamlet of Katuneriya in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka is now a government approved charity and has homes in Katuneriya, Mattakotuwa, Thambarawila, Bibiladeniya, Haldanduwana and Mullaitivu.

Ladani was a challenge and a dream of its Founder Director whose aspiration was to elevate the sufferings and curb the injustice caused to a  certain section of children in this society – neglected by their kith and kin for no fault of theirs. He faced the challenge, embraced it with deep intention and courage; breaking all odds and bounds he paved the way for its birth for the greater good and welfare of humanity.

Every child born to this world has a right to live as a human and die as a human enjoying the rights that he or she has inherited by birth at all times. Due to the fault and negligence of parents  and the society, the cries of the children go unheard and unrecognized by the rest of the world. Cruelty overlaps sympathy and love where it is needed most. Some action was needed to patch up all shortcomings with love, passion, sympathy and affection from the minimum to maximum with no barriers of caste, creed, language or race.

The name LADANI was originated from the first two letters of the Sinhala words LAma DAya NIwasa which means “Home of Love and Care for CHILDREN”.

Ladani is an approved charitable organisation

NGO. Reg No. L41111 on 11th Feb 2002. An approved charity in Sri Lanka as per gazette notification No. 1334. All donations to the organization are fully tax deductible. .