Katuneriya Home

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This home at Katuneriya is the starting point of Ladani chain of Homes which is the very first dream of Fr. Neville Merinus Coonghe, the founder Director of Ladani. This rickety old building has been used as a weaving centre in the good old days and was later deserted. With a face-lift the first home was started on 27th October 1985. Initially there were only five children  but now it provides shelter to 33 girls and ten boys in the age range of six to 16 years. All attend the school  and they are from grade six to G.C.E. A/L.

The land belongs to the Bishop of Chilaw Diocese.
This home is located in Katuneriya coming under Puttalam District of Sri Lanka. 

Home Address: Behind the St. Sebastian’s Church, Katuneriya.

Tel: +94 31 22 49 570

The Staff

  • Matron                           Ms. Emilda Kariyawasam
  • Assistant Matron         Mrs. Helan Sunitha
  • Spiritual Director        Rev. Sr. Rosariya
  • Home Assistant           Mrs. Swarna Dissanayeka      
  • Moderators                   Mrs. Nilanthi Perera and Ms. Chamila Antannet


Thambarawila  Home

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This is the second home  started mainly to cater to the grown up boys. The premises  along with a big house was donated by late Mr & Mrs Vincent Fernando of Thambarawila.The home was started on 8th June 1990.

At present, Ladani is making necessary arrangements to set up a Residential Care Centre for children with special needs.


Mattakotuwa Home


Third home of Ladani was opened in September 1990. The premises belong to the Sisters of Holy Family but allowed Ladani to construct the buildings for the use of the children. Currently there are 24 girls and one boy living at this place.The ages of the children are from 5 years to 16 years. All attend government run school which is adjoining the home. These children are looked after by a staff of four including a Reverend Sister.As the initial building was small , a new building was constructed in 2007 with the donation from Kakadu Foundation of Germany  and opened in May 2007. This home is located in Mattakotuwa  close proximity to the sea, in Puttalam District of Sri Lanka. 

Home Address: Ladani Mattakotuwa, Mahawewa.

Tel: +94 32 22 56 158

The Staff

  • Matron                        Mrs. Trisha Mari
  • Assistant Matron      Rev. Sr. Jeevani Waas
  • Home Assistant         Ms. Nilanthi 
  • Moderators                 Mr. Cicil Wijesinghe and Miss. Hashini Nimesha


Bibiladeniya Home

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 A fourth home of Ladani to be built. The premises owned by Ladani is situated in Kurunegala District of Sri Lanka.
Of the two buildings we have at Bibiladeniya ,one was built from the donation we received from Mr Peter of Germany in memoray of his late daughter and it was opened on 30th January 1997.There are 48 children living in this home and all of them are girls in the age range of 5 to 17 years. All the children attend state run schools which are nearby.
This home is run by 4 female staff headed by a religious sister.

Home Address: Ladani Bibiladeniya, Udubaddawa.

Tel: +94 32 22 57 039

The Staff

  • Matron                        Ms. Anita Samarawickrama
  • Trainee                        Mrs. Subhashini Erandi
  • Home Assistants       Mrs. Stella Mary and Ms. Sherine Ahmad 
  • Moderators                 Mrs. Chandani Jayasuriya and Ms. Sulakshana Trishani


Haldanduwana Home

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This was started on 21st May 1998.The land along with a small house was donated  to Ladani by late Mr & Mrs Jayasundara of Haldanduwana.This home is located in the Puttalam District of Sri Lanka.
As the old home was too small for the children a new building was built with the assistance from Louisiano Commune of Italy  and officially opened on 9th July 2008.There are 27 children  (22 girls and 5 boys) live in this home.The age range of the children are from 5 years to 16 years. All go to state run schools.
The home is run by 5 female staff including a religious Sister.

Home Address: Ladani Haldanduwana, Dankotuwa.

Tel: +94 31 22 60 715

The Staff

  • Matron                          Miss. Keluni Ann Dilushika
  • Assistant Matron         Mrs. Swarnalatha Jayakody
  • Home Assistant           Mrs. Wasana Shyamali
  • Teacher                         Miss. Prashanthi Shamila 
  • Moderators                  Ms. Ruwanthi Kurera and Mr. Cicil Wijesinghe


Mullaitivu Home

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 The new orphanage at mullathivu – the north of sri lanka

The Bishop of Jaffna has invited the Ladani Institute to build and run an orphanage at Mullathivu. Mullathive is in the North of Sri Lanka where the Tamil Tiger Chief had his final battle with the Sri Lankan Armed Force. The Bishop of Jaffna is unable to fund this project as they were loosing all the avenues of their income from the inception of the war. The people in the north could not contribute towards the upkeep of the church. Therefore a lot of onerous commitments fell on the Diocese of Jaffna. So the Bishop of Jaffna invited Ladani Institute  to construct and run a home for the orphan and destitute children of the area.

Due to the battle a lot of children forfeited their parents. This home will accommodate about 15 children between the age group of 4 ½ to 18 years.

Home Address: 3rd Mile post, Silawatta, Mullaitivu.


The Staff

  • Matron                        Miss. Poline Elvira
  • Home Assistant         Mrs. Chithra